How to Order CorianⓇ Cut to a Custom Size

Custom Corian Sink

Taking customization to the extreme, this delightful sink is a fantastic example of the versatile nature of solid surface. After this sink was cut to the unique shape it was then thermoformed into a sink bowl. (photo courtesy Dupont Corian)

DuPont™ CorianⓇ is one of the most popular solid surface brands on the market.  We are frequently asked if we sell CorianⓇ sheets and/or if we can provide custom cut sizes.  The answer is “yes”, with some caveats, so we thought we’d put together this guide explaining what the current options are.

At the time of this writing, only offers Corian® sheet material in a form of discontinued, overstock, remant material and Custom Corian® Vanity Tops, and does not yet offer the full line of CorianⓇ sheet material to the public.

However, with our Custom Corian® Vanity Top program, anyone can order a piece of Corian® cut to a specific size, and simply leave off the sink and edging options, and even have it finished however they like. The steps below will guide you through how to use this feature of the website to order your custom size Corian® piece.

Unless otherwise specified, the top surface will come finished to a matte finish and the edges will be square and sanded with the corner edges rounded to what is called an eased edge.

On to the steps!

Step 1. Select the appropriate length range, from the options below, that correspond to the length of your custom size.  You can also start from the main Custom Corian® Vanity Top page.

20” to 30”
30.5” to 36”
36.5” to 42”
42.5” to 48”
48.5” to 60”
60.5” to 72”
72.5” to 84”
84.5” to 97”

Step 2. You should now be on the Custom Corian® Vanity Top configuration page for that length range.. Look for the “Color and Size” section where you will select the color and sizes. For color, there are 4 price groups to choose from.  Note that price on the page automatically changing as you change the options.  Now select the width and depth of the piece. If you need a depth greater than 25” choose the 25” option and then add the actual depth (up to 30”) in the “Comments or Requirements” section near the end of the page. This will let us know that the depth is greater than 25” and what it should be. This extra depth will not change the price.

Step 3. In the “Sink Options” section choose “No Sink or Sink Holes” (throughout these steps, all places that have an (*) next to them will need to have an entry, or the process cannot be completed)

Step 4. In the “Faucet Hole Options” section, make sure the “No Faucet Holes” option is selected.

Step 5. The “Edge and Backsplash Options” is the last section to be completed. For all of the edge options, back, left, right, and front, choose the option for “½” Edge, No Profile, No Buildup” and this will indicate to the fabrication shop that the edges should be square and sanded with the corner edges rounded to what is called an eased edge.

Step 6. If you are in need of a more customized shape or size, such as an oval, round piece, or any other shape, and you have CAD type drawings, then contact customer service and we will provide a custom fabrication quote.

If you plan on doing further customization to your item, be sure to check out our instructional guides for working with solid surface.

We hope this guide has provided helpful information.  Please keep in mind our material offerings are constantly changing, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with what is new!

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