Avonite® Solid Surfaces Manufacturer, Aristech Surfaces®, Invests Over $11 Million in Quality Improvements and Product Innovation

Avonite Manufacturing Plant

Avonite Manufacturing Plant (Image courtesy of Aristech Surfaces)

Over a span of three years, Aristech Surfaces®, creator of the Avonite® solid surface brand, will solidify (pun intended!) their commitment to invest in the future of solid surface.  In keeping with their quest for continuous improvement in quality and innovation, Aristech has just recently upgraded one of its continuous casting machines with a stainless steel belt, a $4.5 Million project, at its Florence, Kentucky plant.

One of Avonite's four continuous casting machines

One of Avonite’s four continuous casting machines. (Image courtesy of Aristech Surfaces®)

While that may seem like a high price to pay to replace a belt, the machines are more than 100 yards long and over nine feet wide.  It is one the world’s largest continuous cast machines for acrylics.  There are 10 of these machines in the world, only five are located in the western hemisphere and Aristech owns four of them.

The continuous cast machines allow Aristech to produce an abundant supply of acrylic solid surface and offers flexibility in sheet size, reducing waste, while saving customers material and labor costs.  Not only can the sheets be more efficiently mass-produced in custom sizes, there is no compromise in thickness, scratch resistance, chemical abrasion, or thermoformability, and allows for superior bonding in the seaming process.

12 New Avonite Colors

Meanwhile, at their facility in Belen, New Mexico, the investments continue.  They have just launched 12 newly formulated solid surface designs for their Avonite Studio Collection™ to be creatively used in all types of decorative surfacing applications.  Not only is this solid surface durable, it is repairable, and some is made of up to  40% recycled material!  The proprietary resin blend is a designer’s dream with its innovative 3D aesthetic, and is available in a variety of finishes (high-polish, satin and matte).

Restaurant using Avonite Studio Collection™ colors

Restaurant using Avonite Studio Collection™ colors (Image courtesy of Aristech Surfaces®)

The commitment to quality improvements continues at the New Mexico facility with another $2 Million invested for new sanding equipment and a new production line for manufacturing shower bases.

Clearly Aristech Surfaces® is committed to the future in solid surface manufacturing and SolidSurface.com is committed to strengthening the relationship with them.  Whether your project is large or small, this versatile solid surface provides numerous options, making it an amazing medium to design and work with.

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Read the full story here:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/10/prweb13772419.htm

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