8 Things to Consider for a Custom Corian® Vanity Top

Corian® Vanity TopOrdering a custom Corian® vanity top on SolidSurface.com® can be a very rewarding experience, particularly when you have an understanding of a few important things to consider.  As the centerpiece of a bathroom, the vanity top, along with its vanity cabinet, must not only look stunning, but also:

  • Feel good to the touch with warmth and smoothness;
  • Be usable, forgiving and renewable (when needed);
  • Resist absorption of, or marring by, liquids;
  • Appear seamless for looks and hygiene; and
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

Solid surface, commonly known as the brand Corian®, fits this description “like a glove.” Competitive products such as granite, quartz, laminate, cultured marble and tile have some of the above-mentioned characteristics, but no single product comes as close as solid surface made by DuPont™ Corian®, or competitor brands such as LG HI-MACS®, Aristech™ Avonite®, LOTTE Advanced Materials Staron®, Formica® Solid Surface, Wilsonart®Solid Surface, Hanwha™ Hanex®, Mystera® or Meganite®. Here are eight key things you might consider when ordering a Corian custom vanity top that will reside on your vanity cabinet:

1. Color and Size

DuPont™ Corian®, invented in the mid-1960’s, remains the leader in providing the choices that consumers love. DuPont™ currently offers over 100 Corian® colors to choose from, including solids, variegated or veined patterns and those with particulates ranging in size from large to the smallest grain of sand. Other sources for vanity tops offer standard custom sizes up to 97″ wide and 22” deep (front to back). If these dimensions do not fit your needs, our custom widths (up to 144”) and depths (25”) may be specified by ordering the next wider size and choosing the custom width and depth in half-inch increments. The top or tops can also be made by special request, if you need even finer measurements.  However, when it comes to ¼” adjustments to a measurement, the space that it must fit is seldom completely square. Remember that back and side splashes will hide small gaps and the drywall can be notched. Both are handy ways to work with walls that are not square.

2. Multiple Sink Styles and Colors

There are nine popular sink styles (seven of which are also ADA compliant).  Two of those are porcelain and seven are solid surface. Three are rectangular sinks and seven of them can be ordered without an overflow drain. The solid surface sinks are integrally undermounted so the vanity top surface flows seamlessly into the bowl and only the change in color is detectable. The porcelain sinks are mounted under the vanity top and the edge of the vanity top overhangs the sink opening about ¼”. For vessel sinks, you can choose either a drain hole or a hole to recess a vessel sink into. There is also an option for no sink. Colors for Corian® and Gemstone brands of sinks are available in rectangular and oval shapes. Both attach under the vanity top in what is called an integrated undermount fashion so that the vanity top flows seamlessly into the bowl.

  • All Corian® sink shapes come in these five colors:

Corian sink shapes come in these five colors.

  • Corian® sink model numbers 810P, 7412 and 8254 come in these 4 colors:

Corian sink model numbers 810P, 7412 and 8254 come in these 4 colors

  • Gemstone sink models come in four colors:

Gemstone sink models come in these four colors Porcelain sinks are shipped mounted under the vanity top with the edge of the vanity top overhanging the sink opening about ¼”. The porcelain sinks come in White and Bisque. Porcelain sinks come in white and bisque Sink Edge Thickness options allow you to select the thickness of the countertop around the edge of the sink opening. The one-inch option gives the top a thicker appearance as seen in the image below.

Corian® solid surface 1" sink edge thickness
Sink Edge Thickness

3. Faucet Hole Options

Faucet hole configurations are optional and include:

  • a single, centered 1-3/8” hole;
  • three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 4″ apart (4” on center); and
  • three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 8″ apart (8” on center).

Typically the faucet is centered behind the sink. If you want a custom faucet location, you can add the information to the “Comments or Requirements” section found near the end of the ordering section. You can indicate where the center hole of the faucet should be by providing the measurement from the left edge and front edge of the vanity top. If you have dual sinks, you will need to provide two sets of measurements.

4. Back and Side Splash Options

The tops come with a 4” backsplash that you will need to attach to the top of the vanity top and to the wall with silicone. You will also need to attach left or right side splashes, 4” tall, if you choose those options. The side splashes are cut to fit with the backsplash so that they are the same length as the depth of the top and are flush with the front edge of the top.

Edge Profile

Tops have a 1-1/2” thick edge and a choice of nine edge profiles. The edge is built by gluing two strips of ½” thick solid surface to the underside of the top which gives it the thick appearance and keeps it lighter in weight compared to a slab of solid surface 1-1/2” thick. Seams are essentially invisible.

Square (eased) edge profile Quarter inch roundover edge profile One-eighth roundover edge profile
Half-inch roundover edge profile Quarter inch double roundover edge profile One-eighth double roundover edge profile
Quarter inch bevel edge profile Quarter inch double bevel edge profile Bullnose edge profile

Coved Splashes

A coved backsplash and side splashes are also available options. This is a nice touch visually and functionally since the corners where the splash and top meet are rounded, unlike 90-degree inside corners that can collect dust and debris. See image below.

Corian® solid surface coved back and side splash
Coved Back and Side Splash

5. Installation Information

The vanity tops have 1” thick plywood strips that are glued under the top surface so the vanity top sits on the top of the cabinet walls. This is done so the edges, described above, do not block drawers with the portion that hangs down. It also allows flexibility in the positioning of the top to wherever needed on the vanity cabinet. The strips provide support for sides with no built-up edge. For more installation tips, see: How to Install Corian® Solid Surface Vanity Tops

1” thick plywood strips glued under solid surface vanity top
Plywood Strips

6. Corian® Color Matching Recommendations

If the vanity top is a solid color and if the sink is an integral undermount solid surface sink, it is recommended that the sink color be the exact same color as the vanity top. For example, a Glacier White top should not have a Corian® Frost White sink, even though it says that Glacer White and Frost White are a close match.

7. Lead Time

For standard-size vanity tops, the current lead time is up to 15 business days, but usually less, between ordering and shipping. If you have a special order vanity top, allow more time for the drawings to be done and sent to you for approval before the vanity top goes into production. Once in production, the lead time is up to 15 business days.

8. Manufactured in the USA

All of SolidSurface.com’s custom Corian® vanity tops are made in USA by a Certified Corian® Fabricator.

Customer Service

If you have any concerns while placing your order, the friendly, knowledgeable SolidSurface.com customer service staff is ready to assist you at any stage in the process. They can answer any other questions you may have and can walk you through the order process over the phone.

Ready to Order Your Corian® Vanity Top

Now that you are familiar with the eight main things to consider when ordering your custom Corian® solid surface vanity top, you are ready to put that knowledge to the test and place your order. Have fun choosing from more than 100 colors and get started designing the vanity top of your dreams!

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