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Customer Spotlight: Cat Eye Countertops with Jerry Michaels and Jim Glinski

Backlit solid surface kitchen countertop using Light Tape® in Cat Eye from STUDIO Collection®

Beautifully backlit solid surface kitchen countertop using Light Tape®, Cat Eye from STUDIO Collection®

Using Cat Eye from the STUDIO Collection® and Light Tape®, Jerry Michaels (the idea man) and Jim Glinski (craftsman and author) create an incredibly unique solid surface kitchen countertop.

Here at we enjoy getting to know our customers. It’s always interesting to learn their background, hear their ideas for the solid surface sheet material they purchase, and then see their projects come to life. We had an opportunity to talk with one such customer, Jerry Michaels, and his craftsman, Jim Glinski, about their DIY project and how it turned out.

The Backlit Countertop

Jerry Michaels first came to us with an interesting project in mind for his kitchen remodel. He discovered a product online called Vitrazzo, which is a countertop product made of recycled glass. He found pictures of their product done with backlighting and knew he just had to have a countertop like that. What he also discovered was that the cost was way too expensive. He then set out exploring what other materials Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Gloede Builders & Design

Gloede Builders & Design

Gloede Builders & Design

The path of a true professional

Dan Gloede discovered where his interests and talents lay at a very early age, when he was exposed to a high school shop class in woodworking.  Recognizing immediately that this was something he wanted to pursue, he began his own woodworking projects in his parents’ garage.  In no time, he was making quality furniture for his parents’ home and for others in the community.

After high school, he continued his interest in carpentry by working in various construction jobs, and eventually started his own business, TAD Millworks Company.  The focus of this company was on home construction, remodeling projects and, on a smaller scale, custom cabinetry.

Gloede Builders Kitchen Remodel With Solid Surface

Gloede Builders Kitchen Remodel With Solid Surface

By 2001, he was ready to transition his business away from commercial and residential construction into more specialized cabinetry and woodworking projects, and this was when he started Gloede Builders & Design, formerly TAD Millworks Company, alongside his wife, Teresa Gloede.  This business was more suited to his personal talents because it allowed him the freedom to design and Continue reading