Guide to Finding Corian® Glacier White and Other Solid White Solid Surface Material

Did you know that White is the most sought after color of the many hundreds of colors and patterns of solid surface? White is not only classic and aesthetically bright, it also provides a wonderful visual representation of solid surface’s naturally antiseptic nature.

While DuPont’s Corian® Glacier White is one of the more widely known and highly popular versions of white, there are also many other equally desirable white solid surface options available that may satisfy the needs of your project.  We thought it may be useful to put together this handy guide that presents the various white options available through

DuPont Corian® Glacier White

Although Glacier White is not part of the standard stocked product offering at, it does frequently come into the overstock “full” and “partial sheet” inventory.  When items do become available, they frequently sell out fast. We suggest if you are interested in an item you either immediately grab it, or contact us to place a hold on it for you.

View the overstock Corian® Glacier White selection at

Select Grade Glacier White

The next best alternative to DuPont Corian® Glacier White is the Select Grade. Select Grade Glacier White is 100% acrylic solid surface made in the USA and matches the color of Corian® Glacier White. Select Grade is material that did not meet the manufacturer’s precise specifications and is made available under our overstock full and partial sheet inventory.  However, the majority of these ‘imperfections’ cannot be detected to an untrained eye, if even then. (Learn more about Select Grade.)

The primary benefits of Select Grade are that it is still a very high quality material offered at a considerably less expensive price.  Even more dramatic discounts are available when you purchase the material in 8-pack quantities or more, when available.  Both ½” & ¼” thick material are frequently listed in the overstock inventory.

View the Select Grade Glacier White selection at

Solid White Available From All Brands

Just about every brand of solid surface offers some type of solid white color.  There are many shades of solid white to choose from in a variety of different names, including Glacier White, Arctic White, Antique White, Alpine White, Bone or Ivory White and many more.  If you have a specific shade of white in mind for your project, its a good idea to locate physical samples for the options available. offers an array of solid whites in both stocked full sheets and overstock full and partial sheets from many different brands including LG HI-MACS, Samsung Staron, Formica Solid Surface, Hanex and many more.  The best way to view what is available in both stocked and overstocked inventory is to visit the link below which displays a page that pre-filters the search options by “White” color family, “Solid” pattern, “Full Sheet” size and sorts by “Color Hue”.  All items listed are considered stocked (in-production and consistently available), unless the name contains “overstock” (limited availability).

Visit all of the solid white full sheets available at

For additional guidance on how to find material on, visit How to Find Solid Surface Material on


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  1. Bennet

    What are the differences between solid surface glacier white, artic white, and designer white?

    Which is the best white color?


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