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How To Install Corian Solid Surface Vanity Tops

The installed top, ready for use!

Custom Corian Vanity Tops, by are a great addition to any bathroom.

Whether you’ve already purchased your new vanity top, or you are in the research phase of buying one, the top is going to need to be installed  One option, for the do-it-for-me type, would be to contact a professional or plumber to complete the install for you,  but for the remainder of you we’ve written this handy instructional guide  with some simple steps to install your new top.

The top photographed throughout this guide is a Custom Corian Vanity Top configured on, shipped directly to, and installed by, the homeowner.  Continue reading

Avonite Adds 35 Solid Surface Colors To It’s New International Pallete

Avonite® Surfaces, a brand of Aristech Surfaces LLC, is launching  35 solid surface colors in its new International Pallet of Avonite colors.

Architects and designers increasingly work the world over, and Avonite’s new International Palette provides them a truly global range of trend setting colors and designs. This palette allows them to make exciting and creative product and color choices no matter where in the world the project may be.

Whether or not you work the world over, are tied to an ethnic enclave or geographic region, and/or you love the colors of your heritage, the Avonite International pallet gives you that forward reaching set of tools to color your creations. Continue reading

Get the Thickness of Granite and Quartz Vanity Tops with the Warmth and Hygiene of Corian®

Have you ever wished you had a bathroom vanity top that had the thicker and heavier look of stone (granite or quartz) but retained that sought after warm comforting feel and hygienic properties that you get with standard Corian®, and other brands of solid surface material? Your wish has been granted, read on.

Corian® vanity tops can be constructed with an extra layer of 1/2″-thick Corian® material sandwiched between the sink and the top. Because Corian® is seamless when glued together with the matching adhesive, this makes the top appear to be as thick as the front and side edges.

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An Alternative to Stone Shower Surrounds: Mystera Solid Surface is Gorgeous and Easy-to-Clean

Mystera Booth at KBIS 2014

Mystera Booth at KBIS 2014

I was tending the Mystera booth at the 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) answering attendees questions about Mystera, when a gentleman walked up and started asking about the product. I shared with him that it is a solid surface product made of 100% acrylic resin, similar to Corian®.

The man immediately responded, “WOW! That’s great!”

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Tools for Fabricating Solid Surface (Corian®) on a Shoestring Budget

A Guide for Woodworkers, Cabinet Makers, Remodelers and Beginning Fabricators

Are you a woodworker, remodeler or cabinet maker? Have you ever built, or wanted to build, countertops or shower enclosures from Corian® or other brands of solid surface material? If not, what’s holding you back?

  • Have you felt daunted by the cost of equipment needed to start fabricating countertops and shower walls?
  • Were you unaware that working with solid surface is like working with hardwoods?
  • Perhaps you didn’t realize that solid surface material seams together invisibly, doesn’t require a finish and can be renewed if blemished—making your job infinitely easier!

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