Avonite Adds 35 Solid Surface Colors To It’s New International Pallete

Avonite® Surfaces, a brand of Aristech Surfaces LLC, is launching  35 solid surface colors in its new International Pallet of Avonite colors.

Architects and designers increasingly work the world over, and Avonite’s new International Palette provides them a truly global range of trend setting colors and designs. This palette allows them to make exciting and creative product and color choices no matter where in the world the project may be.

Whether or not you work the world over, are tied to an ethnic enclave or geographic region, and/or you love the colors of your heritage, the Avonite International pallet gives you that forward reaching set of tools to color your creations.

Avonite’s International Palette is unique in its category with is its ability to coordinate solid color neutrals with matching translucent or metallic accents.

For example the new International Palette of solid colors feature a breadth of Acrylic solids (Crimson, Vino, Irish Bell) and earth tones such as Brume, Creme and Cardamom. Also there are brilliant matching/complimentary Studio colors including Bluebell, Red Currant, Apple Green and metallics like Silver Pearl,Terra, Celestial Pearl. These new selections of solids and beautiful accents provide for a striking and refreshing look of “Mix and Match” that is popular today.  Example of some color matches are shown below.

What makes Avonite’s International Palette extra special is that architects, designers, and other solid surface users now have the ability to coordinate popular looks in the same space – without giving up the benefits that solid surface material brings like a seamless, non-porous, and hygienic surface.

SolidSurface.com offers full and partial sheets of Avonite overstock and discontinued colors.

Color Matching Solids and Texture

Red Currant






Green Apple

Irish Bell









Celestial Pearl

Visioni in Powder Blue

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