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Gloede Builders & Design

Gloede Builders & Design

The path of a true professional

Dan Gloede discovered where his interests and talents lay at a very early age, when he was exposed to a high school shop class in woodworking.  Recognizing immediately that this was something he wanted to pursue, he began his own woodworking projects in his parents’ garage.  In no time, he was making quality furniture for his parents’ home and for others in the community.

After high school, he continued his interest in carpentry by working in various construction jobs, and eventually started his own business, TAD Millworks Company.  The focus of this company was on home construction, remodeling projects and, on a smaller scale, custom cabinetry.

Gloede Builders Kitchen Remodel With Solid Surface

Gloede Builders Kitchen Remodel With Solid Surface

By 2001, he was ready to transition his business away from commercial and residential construction into more specialized cabinetry and woodworking projects, and this was when he started Gloede Builders & Design, formerly TAD Millworks Company, alongside his wife, Teresa Gloede.  This business was more suited to his personal talents because it allowed him the freedom to design and build highly creative custom pieces for clients who appreciate his kind of quality and professionalism.

From professional to perfectionist

Having found his true niche in the construction world, Dan Gloede literally poured himself into his profession, personally working with clients to discover their real needs and desires for cabinetry and specialty woodworking.  His passion for woodworking sparked a flame that burns to this day, and drives him to be involved with every part of the process from design to finished product—and if it isn’t right the first time, it’s not finished. With greater allegiance to personal integrity than to cost savings, he starts over from the beginning.

It is Dan’s expertise on the job site, combined with his 35 years of experience in the art of designing and constructing custom homes, that is valued most within his industry.  Dan has more experience than simply designing and constructing custom homes.  He has built retirement communities, log cabin homes, pole buildings, designed and crafted custom cabinetry, and backyard decks.

Dan’s active presence in the midst of each job, enables a work environment that is incredibly open in terms of communication about the project he is working on with not only the homeowners, but his team as well.  This kind of care and attention to detail and customer concerns helps ensure that any project Dan becomes involved with will be a great success.  He fully supports the constructs of authenticity, teamwork and trust, and brings these into his work with homeowners to create a space that they not only love, but feel is a true representation of themselves.

Craftsmanship with versatility

Apart from the unique skills he brings to the world of cabinetry and remodeling projects, Dan Gloede also loves taking on really creative projects for people who have special applications in mind.  An ordinary home can become a home of distinction with a fireplace surround, a cozy bar, a home library, or possibly an outdoor pavilion with its own outdoor furniture.  Professional people might appreciate having a den installed in the home, along with quality custom office furniture.

That kind of personal commitment to quality and excellence is one of the reasons Dan Gloede chooses the highest quality products for his client projects.  For instance, Corian® countertops, one of those high-quality, solid surface products, can be worked and shaped by Dan’s master craftsman tools, which is generally not possible with material like quartz or granite countertops.  Also, among many other favorable traits, Corian® is non-porous which does not absorb foods or liquids like other countertop materials.

If there’s a design that’s doable, Dan Gloede can design it; if there’s a wood project that’s buildable, Dan Gloede can build it.

Their mission

Dan Gloede and his team are passionate in the work that they do.  This passion directs them to deliver an experience to their customers that is unlike any other from start to finish, and one that is of superior excellence.  From the start of the project with the first designs to the finished product, Dan and his team conduct themselves as if they were humble guests being welcomed into their customers’ homes.  They carry with them a great amount of respect for those they bring their work to, and that carries over into respect for one’s personal privacy and space in their home while they are there working.

Another part of the mission at Gloede Builders & Design is to ensure that their service is absolutely the best.  They want to exceed their client’s expectations and go above and beyond in providing the utmost value and exceptional service.  This is a goal they uphold regardless of their customer’s budget, lifestyle needs and design preferences.  They stay committed to their customers, their goals and their own architectural and interior design skills in order to achieve the superior quality and value that they bring.

A great team

It doesn’t happen often in the business world that you come across a business that has so much integrity, teamwork, excellent communication and true gift for their craft.  That’s exactly the kind of business we have found in Gloede Builders & Design. Dan Gloede works with the very best team, and they have formed a union that flows seamlessly from start to finish.  They also use the very best materials for of his custom designs; putting a whole lot of love and craftsmanship into everything that they touch. When you need the highest quality, most innovative woodworking products and projects, call Gloede Builders & Design. Here’s a look at some of their most recent masterpieces.

Gloede project highlights

New Kitchen (new construction):

Gloede Builders & Design New Kitchen

Gloede Builders & Design New Kitchen

“They choose the design of raised panels for the classic, traditional look.  The design adds character to the kitchen; the raised panels accentuate the unique properties of the wood grain and its color.  This is a completely different look than their old kitchen which had flat cabinets with no character.”

Remodeled Kitchen:

Gloede Builders & Design Remodeled Kitchen

Gloede Builders & Design Remodeled Kitchen

“During the remodel, they incorporated the Mission style theme into all the woodwork—trim, cabinets, etc.  They liked the timeless, eloquent style that can either be traditional or contemporary.”


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