With DuPont™ Corian® and Zodiaq®, David Bromstad Helps Homeowners Find Their Personality

Designer and TV personality David Bromstad is now the creative consultant for DuPont Corian® and Zodiaq®.

DuPont Building Innovations Reveals Design Personalities with David Bromstad to Encourage the Use of More Expressive Color in Home Design

[VIDEO] What’s Your Design Personality? With David Bromstad and DuPont Surfaces

[VIDEO] David Bromstad Design Personality- The Naturalist

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Energetic and animated designer and TV personality David Bromstad is dropping his paint brush for a moment to infuse color in interior design through the use of beautiful and dynamic DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces and DuPont™ Zodiaq® quartz surfaces.

Bromstad has worked with DuPont to design a fun quiz that will determine which one of seven distinct design personalities match a homeowner’s style to help in their quest to create personalized, inspiring kitchens and bathrooms using DuPont™ Corian® and Zodiaq® surfaces.

“Homeowners typically have one chance to design their kitchens and bathrooms, which are among the most used spaces in a home,” said David Bromstad. “Our design tools help to make it easier and more rewarding by introducing homeowners to their design personality and giving them a color palette to work with.”

After answering a few simple questions through a visual quiz, users are introduced to one of seven design personalities that best resonates with their style. Design personalities include:

  • The Collector: Every piece in her home tells a story. The Collector mixes textures from found objects with more classic styles for a palette based on rich browns and dark lichen. Light is brought in by sunshine yellow and soft greens.
  • The Socialite: The Socialite knows confidence is her best accessory. She’s self-assured at home and at work – always leading by example. Lighter grays and warm tones of sand are balanced by rich, jet black to create a feeling of luxury and longevity.
  • The Multi-tasker: The Multi-Tasker approaches life at full force – balancing and adjusting to the moment to meet it with exuberance. A family-friendly palette that is fresh, realistic, modern and classic – and infused with a much-needed jolt of coffee.
  • The Entertainer: With an eye for modern sophistication, the Entertainer is comfortable no matter where he is – which is usually at the center of any situation. Graphic red and black contrast for a high-end feel, but are softened with warm taupe and golden yellow for a truly sophisticated theme.
  • The Creator: The Creator loves anything quirky; what most people shy away from, he embraces. Mixed media, textures and inspirations make the color palette. From pairing water blues with coffee browns, this is experimentation at its bravest.
  • The Naturalist: The Naturalist feels most at home in the great outdoors and strives to bring a sense of well-being into her home. Soft buttery browns complement light beige and cream tones while speckle textures commonly found in stone and granite inspire solid surfaces.
  • The Traveler: The world is his inspiration. The Traveler mixes the best objects found in his travels – things that have an international significance to his life – to create a multi-cultural lifestyle. Anything exotic and unique is his normal; pottery clay, cobalt and indigo his color palette.

To learn more about the seven design personalities or to find the design personality quiz,click here.

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