Solid Surface (Corian®) Cabinetry – The New Trend in Cutting Edge Design and Function

Cabinets - Corian Glacier WhiteCabinets - Corian Glacier White

Cabinets made from Corian® Glacier White

Why settle for the ordinary? …When you can have extraordinary. Imagine having cabinets where you can maintain their finish with very little effort, while still possessing a seemingly indestructible quality.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We’re talking about cabinets made out of 100 percent solid surface. The possibilities with using Corian® and solid surface have always been endless, yet designers, cabinetmakers and fabricators are taking its use to an unprecedented new level, using the material to create entire cabinet systems.

Here are three reasons that we feel the new trend in using solid surface for all of your cabinetry needs is an excellent idea—both in form and function:


1) Limitless Design Options

Cabiinets LG HI-MACS Alpine White

Cabiinets made from LG HI-MACS Alpine White

If you can dream it, more than likely, you can create it. To start, Corian® and other solid surface materials, like LG Hausys HI-MACS® and Mystera, are available in an array of colors. Options can range from basic colors like Glacier White or LG’s Alpine White (to provide a clean appearance) to various stone-like shades and textures like Samsung Staron Quarry Mesa and Mystera Slate (to provide a natural feeling environment), to high contrast colors like LG HI-MACS Design Lab (to lend your creation a more artistic vibe.)  Almost any color combination—no matter how simple or complex—is at your disposal.

Cutting edge techniques like thermoforming and dye sublimation can also be used to enhance your cabinetry with flowing lines and unique imagery. Through heating and molding, thermoforming allows you to create 3-D curves and rounded shapes. While dye sublimation can enable you to essentially embed a colored image, or even a photograph, into the solid surface material.

Dye Sublimation in Dupont Corian

Dye Sublimation in Corian Wall Cladding at Massachusetts General Hospital, by RD Wing. Photo courtesy RD Wing

Dye Sublimation in Dupont Corian

Dye Sublimation in Corian Cabinets at Massachusetts General Hospital, by RD Wing.  Photo courtesy RD Wing

As you can see, using solid surface material for your cabinetry can help make even your most ambitious cabinetry designs reality.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

The benefits to using Corian®, or other solid surface material, for your cabinetry extend far beyond design and form. Solid surface material is also extremely durable and functional.

Whatever surface you choose—whether that’s high gloss or matte—can be maintained for life because scratches can be easily sanded and buffed out. The color of your cabinetry will also never fade, no matter how much you sand it, since solid surface is the same color throughout. In addition, brands such as LG Hausys HI-MACS® now offer increased impact strength, enhanced scratch resistance and improved heat and UV resistance. The non-porous, waterproof properties of solid surface also make it an excellent solution for any cabinetry destined for a laundry room, child’s playroom and any humid or outdoor environment.

Cutting edge hinge systems, like the Corian® Squirrel Fixing System, contribute to making solid surface cabinetry an even more durable and viable option.  Squirrel® technology, coupled with Blum hinges, allow you to use solid surface as a stand alone material for the entire cabinet unit because it no longer has to be bonded to a separate base or substrate material.

Sanitary and Easy to Clean

Lastly, solid surface cabinets are well placed in kitchens, hospitals, and other related businesses and locations because their non-porous surface doesn’t support bacterial growth. They can also be sanitized without hurting the material or finish.

As you can see, although they may not fall into ‘cabinetry on a shoestring budget’, solid surface cabinets offer unlimited design potential and some highly effective, functional qualities.

Welcome to the ‘Cutting Edge of Solid Surface’!

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