STUDIO Collection® Solid Surface Now Available Online

Looking for that “WOW” factor in your next project? Aristech Surfaces’ brand of STUDIO Collection® solid surface delivers that and more with its visually inspiring design resin material. The STUDIO Collection® is perfect for architectural design applications and is offered online at in more than 50 luxurious colors.

Beautiful, Durable and Flexible

This highly workable, durable and thermoformable collection of rich design resin material covers the spectrum when it comes to brilliant chromas, natural neutrals and sparkling metallics. The proprietary resin blend is unique in that it mixes just the right measure of transparent, translucent and opaque polymers to produce endless design possibilities. Soft and velvety to the touch, these STUDIO Collection® colors feel as good as they look.

Amber Glass, Irish Bell and Catalina, STUDIO Collection®

Amber Glass, Irish Bell and Catalina, STUDIO Collection®

The STUDIO Collection® Series

The Chromatix™ Program

In addition to the in-production colors of the STUDIO Collection®, more options are now available. The Chromatix™ program offers your choice of any combination of color and light that you can imagine.  The are four design series to choose from, each with their own unique shapes and layers within the material. Combine any one of those with your preference of color, light and finish and you could easily have your very own one-of-a-kind custom creation.

Petals Series

The Petals series presents a nature-inspired texture that appears to have rose petals within its depth. Couple that with translucency, and either a gloss or satin finish, and the result is simply stunning.

WHIMSY Series from the Chromatix™ Family of STUDIO Collection®

WHIMSY Series from the Chromatix™ Family of STUDIO Collection®

Whimsy Series

The Whimsy series is the newest in the Chromatix™ design series. It evolved from the Petals Series but has a more intense, layered rose petal pattern. With your choice of accent color (any Pantone® color) added to the cool neutral background, this exceptional design comes alive.

Glass Series

The Glass series takes translucence to the next level. It contains crushed glass-like particles which refract light through the translucent depth, creating a brilliant radiance in design. Finish in satin or gloss to complete your desired look.

Sea Glass Series

As its name implies, the pattern in this series mimics tumbled glass, like that found on a sea shore. The frosted, translucent depth of the material creates a soothing, soft look–especially lovely with a satin finish. The STUDIO Collection® Design Resin product lines offer online shoppers flexibility as well as uncompromised style and beauty.

Easy Online Ordering for STUDIO Collection® at

Ordering STUDIO Collection® online is as smooth as the solid surface feels.  You can peruse color choices on the website by filtering by brand under surface material products.  Just click on the color of your choosing and view all of the options for quantity pricing.  Add material to your cart and proceed through checkout.  Once complete, your beautiful STUDIO Collection® solid surface will be shipped to your intended location.  Then, come back and visit often for updates, or sign up to receive updates by email.


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