How to Find Solid Surface Material on

Corian®, Mystera®, Staron®, Hi-MACS®, Formica® Solid Surface, Hanex®, Meganite®, House Premium®, Wilsonart®, Avonite® and Basix® sheets are among the many brands of sheets available on We will focus on how to find these sheets (in various brands and colors) within our Stocked Material (“consistently available”) and Overstock Material (“inventory varies” options. View the video instruction below and/or continue reading to learn how to effectively find material.

Selecting Stocked vs. Overstock Materials

Stocked Material includes full product lines from leading manufacturers that are in-production and consistently available.   Here we offer material in standard full sheet sizes (30” x 144”) and thicknesses (¼” and ½”.)

Overstock Material consists of a huge selection of discounted full and partial sheets. Inventory levels can vary and are available on a first come first serve basis.  Overstock material may include in-production and discontinued colors that can be hard to find. They range in size from small pieces (5” x 30”) to full sheets (30” x 144”) and range in thickness from ¼” to ½”.

Locate Stocked Material

To find Stocked Material, mouse over Stocked Material on the navigation bar to reveal your available Stocked Material Options.  You can select from one of the brands listed, the additional options, or simply click on the Stocked Material button.  Let’s select the LG HI-MACS  brand for this demonstration.

Now we are on the “Product Listing” page where we can narrow down our shopping options for the brand we selected.   Options to filter by include: color familypatternthickness and price range (presented as a slider bar), to name a few.  Looking at the color options, you will see a number in parentheses beside it. This number represents the number of matching colors for that option. (For example, there are 4 blacks available in the  LG HI-MACS  brand.)  Each time an option is selected, or a slider bar is moved, it will refresh the page.

There are additional viewing options in the product listing to help your search.  You can sort by namepricecolor hue, and more.  You can also view the products as a list or as a grid, as well as change the number of results shown per page.

You can also click on the image thumbnails to reveal larger versions of the product images.  Click on the product name or the “more info” button to go to the product page.

The product page contains product detailssize options and additional product recommendations (such as matching adhesives, dispensing guns and abrasives.)  For convenience, you can also add the item to your shopping cart from here.

That wraps up the summary of how to find stocked material.

Locating Overstocked Material

Finding Overstock Material is a similar process, but there are important differences we want to point out.  Mouse over the Overstock Material on the navigation bar to reveal numerous options that might help narrow-down your initial search.  To view all overstock material available, click the “Overstock Material” button.

The Overstock Section has many of the same shopping (filtering) options as Stocked Material, along with a few more. These include: Full and Partial SheetsLength and WidthBrandPrice/SqftMinimum Qty Purchase, and Production Status.  You can mouse over the “?” to learn more about each filter option, but we’d like to focus your attention on a particularly useful one: the “Minimum Qty Purchase” option.

Some overstock material must be purchased in minimum quantities.  For convenience, we’ve put this information in the product listing as well as on the product detail pages.  As an example, some Select Grade material is only available as 8-packs, and often times those are the best deals. Therefore, you may want to use the filter to only show material with a minimum qty of “8 or more” to filter out the other material.

Alternatively, you may only need one sheet. In this case you would set the range on the filter from “1 to 1”, filtering out all larger minimum quantity requirements.

The overstock product list can be also be sorted. To enable this, we have provided some important sorting criteria including namequantity availablecolor huelengthwidththicknesssqftdate last updated, to name a few.

Now it’s time to set out on your search to find the perfect material for your project! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should need any assistance finding the material you are looking for.