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Solid Surface Countertops for Cabinetmakers

Wood cabinets with solid surface countertops in a recreational vehicle.

Wood cabinets with solid surface countertops in a recreational vehicle.

Countertops made of solid surface material (i.e., Corian® or HI-MACS®) are an excellent choice and an easy addition to the cabinetmaker’s specialty line.  Cabinetmakers are already extremely skilled and detail-oriented in their ability to create cabinetry for any room type using a variety of materials. Yet many may not realize just how easy it is to add a solid surface countertop to a newly constructed cabinet. Doing this adds value to their products, and service to customers, not to mention extra income for the business. Why outsource that extra step, when one already has the skills and tools necessary to easily complete the project?

For those cabinetmakers already offering granite, quartz or other types of stone countertops, consider giving customers another, and possibly more cost effective, choice in countertop material.

Cabinetmakers Already Have the Tools and Skills Needed

Almost all cabinet shops already have the tools necessary to complete a large percentage of all types of solid surface material fabrication projects. Those tools include: Continue reading

New DIY Countertop Source – A Great Option for DIY Warriors

Custom Corian Sink

Taking customization to the extreme, this delightful sink is a fantastic example of the versatile nature of solid surface. After this sink was cut to the unique shape it was then thermoformed into a sink bowl. (photo courtesy Dupont Corian)

SolidSurface.com is changing the game for DIY enthusiasts who love to roll up their sleeves and work on a new renovation project. When projects are done well, they bring complete satisfaction and often come with significant cost savings. Replacing countertops in a home as part of a renovation project is one step that yields a large amount of appeal to the home without taking up too much time or energy. DIY enthusiasts know just how satisfying it is to get home improvement work accomplished. Those who love the process of renovation, and are always thinking of the next project, should take time to look at some simple projects and learn why the versatility of solid surface material, such as Dupont™ Corian® should be on the top of the reno list.

Why Solid Surface Is a Great Choice

The term “solid surface,” most commonly known as the brand Corian®, is used to describe a man-made building material that combines resin and pigment with a powder made of aluminum trihydrate (ATH). One might picture ATH as the cement that makes up a large portion of the material. These fairly simple ingredients come together to make a product that has a great many selling points, including: Continue reading

DuPont™ Charges Ahead with Corian® Wireless Surfacing Compatibility

DuPont introduces the “dual mode” Corian® wireless Charging Surface featuring Qi compatibility with the iPhone X, 8 and 8S models.  Offering the discreet convenience of wireless technology, commercial and residential customers can have a charging device installed under the surface of virtually any color or pattern of Corian® solid surface or quartz countertop.

Corian® Charging Surface

Corian® Charging Surface

Business owners, designers and architects can enhance the customer experience greatly by incorporating this technology into their design of creative and functional new spaces.


Corian® Charging Surface Devices Use Magnetic Induction

Just place your phone on the designated spot and enjoy the same charging speeds as a wired charger.  The iPhone 8 and 8S models have Qi receivers built in.  This alleviates the need for a charging ring.  If you have a device that does not offer this capability, you can plug an external adapter into the device’s charging port or use a wireless charging case.  Cases and adapters are readily available from online stores or other electronic retailers. Continue reading

The Solid Surface Advantage

As a craftsperson, DIYer, or fabricator, you are always looking for new, cutting-edge, quality materials to expand your options. Solid surface is one of the most versatile and unique materials available. Consider some of the many benefits to using solid surface material:

  • Easy to work with
  • Literally seamless
  • Extremely durable and sustainable
  • Nonporous and hygienic
  • Offered in a wide selection of colors and patterns
  • Easily repaired if damaged
  • No bowing, cupping or warping
  • No grain or splitting to worry about

Solid surface material is also a great alternative to wood. Solid surface is not affected by changing humidity. Its nonporous and hygienic properties make it a perfect countertop choice for water prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, it is so nonporous that you can remove a mark left by a permanent marker, for example, with a mild cleanser and Scotch- Brite® pad.

Another bonus to working with solid surface is that it carries the National Sanitation Foundation certification (NSF 51), which means it’s a suitable surface for a food preparation.

Where can you purchase solid surface material for the best price?

SolidSurface.com offers most major brands to professionals and the public, including homeowners and DIYers. Use our powerful online search tools to locate a specific brand, color, size or price. SolidSurface.com has a huge selection of overstock material in full and partial sheets at a fraction of the price.

Whether you are planning to turn material to make pens or hotplates, or you are working on a large kitchen or bathroom remodel, SolidSurface.com has the material to fit your needs.