DuPont™ Charges Ahead with Corian® Wireless Surfacing Compatibility

DuPont introduces the “dual mode” Corian® wireless Charging Surface featuring Qi compatibility with the iPhone X, 8 and 8S models.  Offering the discreet convenience of wireless technology, commercial and residential customers can have a charging device installed under the surface of virtually any color or pattern of Corian® solid surface or quartz countertop.

Corian® Charging Surface

Corian® Charging Surface

Business owners, designers and architects can enhance the customer experience greatly by incorporating this technology into their design of creative and functional new spaces.


Corian® Charging Surface Devices Use Magnetic Induction

Just place your phone on the designated spot and enjoy the same charging speeds as a wired charger.  The iPhone 8 and 8S models have Qi receivers built in.  This alleviates the need for a charging ring.  If you have a device that does not offer this capability, you can plug an external adapter into the device’s charging port or use a wireless charging case.  Cases and adapters are readily available from online stores or other electronic retailers.

An undermounted dual mode Corian® Charging Surface device works with Qi and PMA wireless charging standards.  It is designed to transmit through solid surfaces with magnetic induction, thereby transmitting power from a charger to a smart device. Knows Surfaces

A wireless charging station isn’t a new concept.  We have been on top of this technology since 2013, when malls, retail stores and coffee shops first began rolling out wireless charging stations with PMA-compliant products.  See Solid Surface Countertops to Deliver Wireless Power?  All of our overstock and stocked lines of acrylic solid surfaces have the same properties as Corian® solid surface.  Any of our solid surface material will work with an undermount charging device.

The Corian® Charging Surface device is perfect for those areas where hygiene and sanitation are critical, not to mention the added bonus of no longer dealing with unsightly wires.

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