Positioning Solid Surface Countertops for Construction Boom

Construction boom

Construction boom

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Labor reported the number of construction jobs in the country grew by 30,000 in December of 2017. With construction trends and spending on the rise, companies that supply the materials customers demand are uniquely poised to thrive in 2018. With a positive outlook and a boom in construction expected, buyers want to know that companies are prepared to handle the increased demand for versatile solid surface materials such as Corian®. Here’s a look at the current financial picture.

The Economic Situation

The job growth statistic in December is particularly notable considering it is not a time of year when one expects to see a lot of construction. The fact that jobs grew substantially – and across many sectors – bodes well for the level of construction in the coming year. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that construction spending was up significantly in last quarter of 2017.  There is plenty of opportunity for construction firms who are prepared for higher demand. Those who have built relationships with major solid surface manufacturers are already a step ahead.

The Need for Labor

As the economic outlook for construction gets rosier by the month, one issue is of top concern: hiring. Construction jobs are up, but numbers could be even higher if there were more skilled workers looking for employment. Builders will be on the lookout for people wanting to work in construction, so they can beef up their crews and take advantage of the boom. One important area that workers should be experienced in is installing solid surface materials like Corian®.

SolidSurface.com Can Help You

SolidSurface.com, is an online resource for sheet materials and can handle all kinds of custom orders, including custom Corian® vanity tops. The company is continuing with the growth trend it has been experiencing for the past 10 years and shows no sign of stopping. For homeowners, commercial property owners or business owners contemplating new construction or renovation of existing properties, it is vital to understand how SolidSurface.com can help make the process of ordering custom solid surface pieces quick and easy. The company has worked hard to establish partnerships with major manufacturers to bring every client the best options for their solid surface needs.

Looking Forward

Construction firms are adding jobs to meet the growing demand for building.  Experienced companies, such as SolidSurface.com, will be ready to meet customer demand. Regardless of whether the project involves an office building, multi-family residence, home, warehouse or hotel, solid surface countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms are always a wise choice. The material is durable and comes in a rainbow of colors, plus the customization options are extensive. No matter how their work surfaces are used, people nationwide love how easy Corian® is to clean, maintain and repair.

SolidSurface.com welcomes the expected building boom in 2018 and can provide important building materials for all of its clients. Whether they choose to remodel their kitchen themselves or build an entire apartment complex, SolidSurface.com is the best resource for every solid surface application from a vanity top to the materials needed to build the tops for the work tables in a commercial laundry.

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