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Custom Corian Sink

Taking customization to the extreme, this delightful sink is a fantastic example of the versatile nature of solid surface. After this sink was cut to the unique shape it was then thermoformed into a sink bowl. (photo courtesy Dupont Corian) is changing the game for DIY enthusiasts who love to roll up their sleeves and work on a new renovation project. When projects are done well, they bring complete satisfaction and often come with significant cost savings. Replacing countertops in a home as part of a renovation project is one step that yields a large amount of appeal to the home without taking up too much time or energy. DIY enthusiasts know just how satisfying it is to get home improvement work accomplished. Those who love the process of renovation, and are always thinking of the next project, should take time to look at some simple projects and learn why the versatility of solid surface material, such as Dupont™ Corian® should be on the top of the reno list.

Why Solid Surface Is a Great Choice

The term “solid surface,” most commonly known as the brand Corian®, is used to describe a man-made building material that combines resin and pigment with a powder made of aluminum trihydrate (ATH). One might picture ATH as the cement that makes up a large portion of the material. These fairly simple ingredients come together to make a product that has a great many selling points, including:

  • Durability: DIY countertops will stand the test of time.
  • Versatility: The material comes in a huge range of colors and can mimic more expensive material such as granite or quartz.
  • Customization: Solid surface materials can also be shaped and formed in just about any way, all without any seams to detract from the beauty of the product.
  • Non-Porous: Materials such as Corian® do not allow any liquids to seep into the surface, which means weekend warriors don’t have to worry about staining.  This also prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Cleanability: All that’s needed in most cases is a simple wipe of the countertop to get it clean. In the rare instances when a repair is needed, it is a simple process easily handled by the DIY’er or the pros.
  • Cost: Although solid surface is not the least expensive material for DIY countertops, retailers such as have a wide variety of options that can fit any budget.
Solid surface used in DIY countertops

Solid surface used in DIY countertops

DIY Countertops for the Kitchen

Kitchens are the most common places for solid surface countertops to be installed, with bathrooms being a very close second. Because the counters are the workhorses of every kitchen, it is vital that hands-on homeowners choose the most durable material for this area of the home. One of the best parts of a kitchen makeover is getting to choose the design and look of a space. Selecting the right countertops during this process can add a much-needed wow factor. The wide array of colors and styles that can be found in Corian® and similar materials means any home can showcase a gorgeous countertop and, better yet, the owners can design it and, if so inclined, build it themselves.

Vanity Tops

Bathroom counters see a lot of wear and tear as well, making high-quality vanities crucial to the beauty and functionality of the room. At, DIY warriors can order the materials to build a vanity top themselves or design their own custom Corian® vanity tops online, that will be built and shipped within 10 business days or less. Whether they are looking for a vanity countertop with one basin or two, a long or short vanity, or a darker or lighter shade, chances are good that the perfect custom counter can be created using the tools on the website.

Corian dual vanity

Corian dual vanity

Shower Walls

Vanities are not the only surface in a bathroom that can benefit from a DIY solid surface project. Taking time to replace existing shower surround materials with a solid surface such as Corian® not only helps to achieve a modern, updated look, it cuts down on future cleaning time as well. DIY enthusiasts can look forward to spending more time enjoying the shower instead of trying to keep it clean.

DIY Countertops in Laundry Rooms

Increasingly, homeowners are embracing the importance of a spacious and functional laundry room. Oftentimes they will plan it around a mudroom-type space in their home and equip it with enough DIY countertops to create space for everything from folding laundry to working on crafting projects and wrapping gifts. Because solid surface does not allow bacterial growth, and is easy to clean, it is ideal for rooms where moisture, dirt, and messes may abound.

Garages and Workshops

Who doesn’t love a space in the home or adjacent building where major projects can get done? Whether that is a garage workshop or an outbuilding that homeowners use as a work area, any application can benefit from the installation of long, durable and easily maintainable countertops. What could be simpler when scratching a surface than quickly sanding out the imperfection? Many DIY enthusiasts imagine what kinds of DIY projects could be in the future for weekend warriors who don’t have to worry about damaging their work surfaces with paint, scratches, chips or other common types of damage. Is Top Supplier

Those suddenly envisioning themselves installing DIY countertops in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room or workshop will find to be the ideal place to begin turning a vision into a reality. Even better, provides all the online training material to get started. The online retailer allows customers to purchase sheet materials to build their own vanity top or kitchen counter. The company also knows how to help homeowners maximize their construction budget by offering partial sheets of solid surface to maximize savings.

Just in case DIYers are worried that installing custom countertops is too difficult to manage themselves, here are some facts that make the project much more manageable:

  • Solid surface materials such as Corian® can be worked with common woodworking tools; no specialty tools are required.
  • Homeowners do not have to seal their countertops. Because solid surface is non-porous, the durability level is off the charts and touch-ups are handled easily.
  • When properly constructed, there are no seams visible when joining pieces together.
  • Homeowners who want to do the installation themselves can find all kinds of helpful resources at
  • The countertops are food safe, which is ideal for the kitchen but also nice to know for bathrooms and laundry rooms, where all manner of dirt and grime can appear.
  • No shape or configuration is off the table. The versatility of solid surface means it can be customized for any desired look and function.

Solid surface is the perfect material for DIY countertops and is sure to be the perfect finishing touch in any reno project.

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